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SmartProcure saves Routt County, CO hundreds of hours on labor and $6,500 on IT costs

SmartProcure is repairing the connective tissue of society by creating confidence in how government agencies spend our collective resources so that savings can be used on community priorities.

As the Purchasing Agent of Routt County, CO, Julie Kennedy adopted SmartProcure’s GovSpend platform to gain powerful new insight into pricing options for the city. After using the platform over a few months, Routt County saved $6,500 on a single purchase of 30 HP computers. In addition, through SmartProcure’s GovQuote, a new web-based request for quote (RFQ) platform, Kennedy and other Routt County agents have cut out hundreds of hours of time normally spent on preparing RFQs manually and contacting vendors through phone and email.

GovSpend is an online database used by government agencies to easily access detailed purchase order information for more than 24,000 agencies across the United States. The technology enables buyers to validate sole source claims, discover new local vendors and get the best prices on products and services. This means better allocation of budget funds, and in turn, a more efficient and transparent government purchasing process that helps repair society’s connective tissue and fosters strong, lasting relationships between agencies, like Routt County, and the vendors they buy from.