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Neighborly Bringing Blockchain to Municipal Bonds

In 2018, Neighborly will tokenize public finance by tapping into Blockchain’s transformative potential

This week Govtech Fund’s portfolio company Neighborly announced its plan to tokenize municipal bonds come Spring 2018. Jase Wilson, CEO of Neighborly, wrote in his blog that they’ve known taking this action is the only viable path to achieving the company mission of rapidly disrupting how capital flows into public project solutions.

Currently, the cryptocurrency ecosystem is thriving, creating a viable time for Neighborly to take full advantage. Since 2015, the startup has been building all legally required systems to create and distribute municipal securities. This year, Neighborly has connected more than $100 million to public projects all across the U.S.

Neighborly makes municipal bonds accessible and transparent by providing more efficient ways for people to invest directly in the projects they care about. The team is currently expanding with engineers to help build the future of public finance and connecting with investors with opportunity to do well financially by doing good in the world.

Jase also writes, “Of all applications in finance, public finance belongs on the blockchain. It’s our duty and honor at Neighborly to make that happen.” We’re along for the ride and excited for Neighborly’s continued growth in 2018!