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SchoolMint Reduces Enrollment Process from 48 hours to 90 minutes at Several Chicago Charter Schools

SchoolMint is repairing the connective tissue of society by making it easier for parents, often working multiple jobs, to register their children for the school of their choice as well as increasing confidence in the education system by making school lotteries accurate and accountable.

The LEARN Charter School Network in Chicago, IL partnered with SchoolMint to create a turnkey enrollment system that streamlines the application and lottery process for nearly 4,000 students. Previous operations were cumbersome and what historically took several days to finalize could now be completed in less than a couple hours.

With SchoolMint’s enrollment management tools, student applying to any of LEARN’s nine charter schools had their information effortlessly consolidated. Top school choices now appeared on a single form, making it easier for staff that previously had to manually duplicate information across several applications if a student applied to more than one partnered charter schools.

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Note: SchoolMint is an alumnus of the Govtech Fund, following it’s 2017 acquisition by Hero K12.