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MeWe is now CoInspect

CoInspect harnesses the power of technology to unite communities to perform continuous and collaborative inspections

Our portfolio company, MeWe, announced today the renaming of their company to CoInspect. So, why the change? They’re passionate about inspection and on a mission to change the paradigm behind the word “inspection” from a perceived negative to a positive. In order to do so, inspections must be, as Manik Suri, CEO and co-founder, says, “faster, easier, and more fun.”

CoInspect’s application makes it easy to manage compliance, brand standards, and daily operations across any organization, such as restaurant chains and manufacturers. CoInspect is working towards modernizing the complicated government operation of inspection, honing in on it as a pillar of community health and safety.

Check out CoInspect’s Twitter and website to view the complete rebrand and learn about their latests updates.