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A New Way to Invest in California, Thanks to Neighborly

An estimated $2.5 billion in California bonds, part of which will fund hospitals and other important state projects; ready to invest?

For the first time ever, investors in state bonds are able to indicate interest in buying prior to the order period, all thanks to Neighborly’s platform. Through the platform, investors can receive updates on the book of orders being built, which gives them transparency on pricing usually available only to the biggest investors.

The municipal bond market is among the least transparent public markets in America. In a recent blog post, Neighborly elaborates on the monumental impact of its involvement with this particular market, writing, “the release of the public Open Book is a milestone in this mission to bring radical transparency and better access to the public finance market.”

Straightforward and clear, issuers and taxpayers will see the same information Neighborly does as an issuance comes together. Neighborly is significantly impacting the way that municipal bonds are funded, issued, traded, held and paid so that investors and issuers can collectively realize the incredible potential of this essential market.