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SeamlessDocs Partners with Princeton, New Jersey, for Improvement of Delivery Services

Partnership focuses on making application processes “seamless” for Princeton residents

The Municipality of Princeton, NJ, recently announced a partnership with Govtech Fund portfolio company SeamlessDocs, to launch an online application and request processing system via the city’s website (here’s what a modern form to apply for affordable housing looks like). SeamlessDocs’ platform modernizes governments, like Princeton, to go paperless and deliver better online services to citizens and staff.

“We are always looking for ways to use technology to deliver better more efficient services,” said Mayor Liz Lempert in a press release issued by Princeton, NJ. “This initiative is designed to save our residents and business owners time by eliminating needless trips to the municipal building to pick up and drop off forms. It also helps save on paper and printing.”

For more on the groundbreaking innovation within this municipality, check out SeamlessDocs’ speaker series with Bob McQueen, SeamlessDocs CIO, and guest Christina Rothman-Iliff, Princeton Manager of Access.

A terrific partnership and another great example of the multi-decade legacy government technology replacement cycle in motion….