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SchoolMint raises $5.6M to modernize student enrollment

Enrolling students in school every year remains largely a paper-based process. SchoolMint changes everything.

We’re thrilled to announce our 7th investment here at the Govtech Fund: SchoolMint

Enrolling students in school every year remains largely a paper-based process, further frustrated by the number of school choices, lottery rulesets, lack of data and limited mobile access options made available to parents.

Alongside our first investment in the education vertical of govtech, we’re honored to be partnering with some of the leading venture investors in the space including Runa Capital, Reach Capital, Fresco Capital, and Kapor Capital.

Jinal Jhaveri, SchoolMint’s co-founder and CEO explains the added value to schools of helping to organize their marketing funnel: “The whole admissions process begins even before parents apply. Schools do a lot of recruiting through events and information sessions. But there’s not much data to judge the efficacy of these efforts.”

SchoolMint is now used by more than 2,000 schools in 70 cities in 30 states and four countries, and serves more than 1.5 million PreK-12 students including the Oakland Unified School District, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, and Camden City School District

We wish SchoolMint much continued success and will actively be the best partner we can be. Welcome to the Govtech Fund!