Govtech Fund


MindMixer Raises $17M To Build Better Communities

We love when Transformers are recognized for their effort. Our very own portfolio company, MindMixer, deserves this latest recognition and more.

Two years ago, a rather unassuming fellow, hailing from Omaha walked into the Code For America Accelerator and informed us, his Accelerator mentors, that he and his team would change community engagement forever:  2 Million users, and 100,000 ideas generated across nearly 1000 civic organizations later, it’s clear he was mentoring us rather than the other way around.

Nick Bowden and the amazing team at MindMixer have inspired us from the beginning. They saw the transformative potential of govtech startups to help government become more efficient, more responsive and better able society perhaps even before we did. Indeed as one of our very first investments, we owe MindMixer a debt of gratitude for having inspired the Govtech Fund.

While $17M is a sizable financing round — perhaps the largest in “Silicon Prairie” history – we can assure you that MindMixer is only just getting started.

Congrats Nick and team — we are honored to be part of your family!