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Inspiration From Across the Pond

If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to government and technology, take a glance at the United Kingdom.

The U.K.’s Government Digital Service is leading the digital transformation of government with its goal of providing top-notch digital services to citizens. The service focuses on three areas – digitally transforming 25 key government services, building and maintaining the website that brings together government services in one site and changing the way government procures IT services.

A key part of the U.K.’s approach is a commitment to putting users’ needs first. Users – not the government – are at the heart of the new digital services. The idea is to make services so good that people prefer to use them — if people don’t like, or use, the applications, they’ll fail.

Tim O’Reilly: “This is the new bible for anyone working in open government.”

In the words of tech luminary (and our investment adviser) Tim O’Reilly: “This is the new bible for anyone working in open government. Everyone around the world should be following this. If we can apply that as our scripture for government best practices at every level around the world we would be doing a fantastic service.”