Govtech Fund


San Francisco’s Own Govtech Accelerator

Kudos to the six companies selected to participate in San Francisco’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program.

The EIR program, a new initiative of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office, helps entrepreneurial teams develop technology-enabled products and services that capitalize on the public sector market in San Francisco and well beyond.

During the 16-week program, each team will be mentored by senior public leaders from the Mayor’s office and San Francisco departments, as well as by entrepreneurial and private sector leaders, including our Managing Partner Ron Bouganim. They’ll also receive product development and ramp-up support and access to government problems and insights through the City and County of San Francisco.

The selected entrepreneurial teams are:

*Birdi will work with the San Francisco Department of Public Health on air quality and health issues. Birdi is a smart device startup whose smart air monitor tracks emergencies such as fire and elevated carbon monoxide levels as well as air quality, providing recommendations to improve individual and neighborhood health and safety.

*Buildingeye will work with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to engage residents and communities. BuildingEye is a software startup that makes permit and noticing information easier to discover through a mapping interface.

* will work with the San Francisco International Airport on enhanced navigation and location-based services. is an Internet of Things startup that provides location-based services, indoor navigation and advanced sensors.

*MobilePD will work with the San Francisco Police Department on public safety and civic engagement. MobilePD is a mobile technology startup that enhances social engagement with the community to reduce crime.

*Regroup will work with the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management on enhanced communication services so that the city is better prepared. ReGroup is a software startup that provides multi-channel emergency notifications.

*Synthicity will work with the San Francisco Planning Department on new simulation, planning and urban development tools and technologies. Synthicity is a software startup that builds simulation tools and solutions for urban development and planning.