Govtech Fund


We’re proud investors in startups that are modernizing the operations of government.


The Govtech Fund is a Force Multiplier, due to its domain expertise and its vast ecosystem of affiliated companies and strategic resources brought to bear for its portfolio companies.

— Jeff Rubenstein CEO, SmartProcure

The Govtech Fund's portfolio companies have helped SchoolMint in so many ways (e.g deciding on executive compensation, picking appropriate software, customer pricing negotiation, etc).

— Jinal Jhaveri CEO, SchoolMint

The annual Govtech Fund founder retreat allowed us to connect with other govtech founders and has created a support system for us to face the unique challenges of our space.

— Jasmine Nachtigall-Fournier CEO, GovInvest

I would highly recommend the Govtech Fund to any other entrepreneurs and encourage them to do whatever it takes to have the Govtech Fund invest in their company.

— Jinal Jhaveri CEO, SchoolMint

I have come to trust Ron as one of my closest advisers. He has mentored me through leadership challenges and has guided Mark43 through procurement processes, product development, and team growth.

— Scott Crouch CEO, Mark43

Across the board I barely talk to any of my investors other than standard updates, but I talk to Ron at LEAST once a week.

— Jonathon Ende CEO, SeamlessDocs