Govtech Fund


We harness the power of transformers, technology, and capital to modernize the operations of government so we can repair society’s connective tissue.


People is where we start. We are honored to support visionary individuals who are passionate about improving our government. They come from within government — civil servants in every department at the local, state and federal levels — who constantly seek to serve better. They come from outside of government — entrepreneurs who see an innovative way forward. Together, these Transformers possess the courage to try something new, and transform intractable problems into clear solutions.


Technology enables innovations and scales solutions. One of the most important foundations of our society — our government — has for decades been a laggard of technology adoption. Legacy vendors and contractors who offer overpriced software, paralyzing customizations, and continuous maintenance contracts drive obsolescence and create waste. Now with the emergence of innovations such as the cloud, mobile, agile development methodologies and software-as-a-service, our portfolio companies can offer government departments cost-effective modern technology tools to enable a more efficient and responsive government.


Capital is the oxygen of entrepreneurship. We are the first-ever venture fund focused on investing in startups that are transforming the $400B global government software/IT market. Capital is not just about money — it is also the human capital we offer in the form of mentoring, networking, and experience in building high-velocity growth enterprises that become perpetual innovators. We are proud to support startups that are building things that matter.