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Kofile Acquires SeamlessDocs

Transforming The Way People Experience Local Government: SeamlessDocs Is Now Kofile

DALLAS, TX – Kofile, the leading provider of digital transformation services and software for local governments, announced today that it has acquired SeamlessDocs, an application builder that takes paper-based and PDF-reliant processes and digitizes them with a comprehensive suite of automated workflow, digital signature and web-payment features.

“Kofile’s investment in new services and software has always been guided by the customers we serve,” said Michael Crosno, CEO of Kofile. “Today, more than ever, our customers are asking for two things. First is the ability to provide information and services online, from anywhere, at any time and with complete confidence in data security. Second is for expert support in taking new and existing physical records, digitizing them, and embedding them with intelligence that streamlines online search and retrieval. We’re proud to be the only provider that can deliver on both of those needs for our customers who work tirelessly to serve their constituents. We couldn’t be more excited about the acquisition of SeamlessDocs and new value we can bring to local government as their partners in service.”

The combined technology of the two companies will enable Kofile to offer a comprehensive suite of applications that digitize the many important functions of local government. Government agencies will be able to use Kofile applications to provide user-friendly digital services, including searching and requesting records, recording and e-filing documents, processing permits and licenses, and managing employees and vendors.

Our customers across local government have been asking us for ways to deliver better digital experiences to their citizens and staff. The addition of SeamlessDocs allows us to offer a complete set of secure and user-friendly digital services. We’re thrilled about the new value we can deliver to our partners.” — Michael Crosno, CEO, Kofile

With a portfolio of solutions for these key needs, Kofile aims to provide a complete solution for local governments that are increasingly looking to consolidate digital transformation efforts under single providers. “Our constituents desire reliable, efficient, and cost effective digital government services,” said Juli Luke, Clerk of Denton County, Texas. “As a conscientious steward of tax-payer dollars, the prospect of having one partner with the ability to address all of these needs is a very compelling proposition.” Kofile’s acquisition of SeamlessDocs comes at an important time, as the need for secure, remote access to local government information and services has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kofile has already begun offering solutions to address the challenges government officials are facing, and the integration of SeamlessDocs technology adds powerful digital services to aid in the effort. Kofile’s remote marriage licensing application is one of many new integrated applications and includes advanced digital features like videoconferencing, mobile support, and proof of identity capture. “The pandemic disrupted the traditional marriage license application process,” said Jean Marfizo King, Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans’ Court of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. “Kofile’s remote licensing application is allowing us to streamline this essential service for our constituents by transforming the process into an easy and secure digital experience.”

SeamlessDocs CEO, Jonathon Ende, co-founded the software business on the principle that interacting with government should be a seamless experience. “Cultural fit was a very important part of the evaluation for both parties in this process and the consensus was unanimous,” said Ende. “Today, we bring together two teams with incredible knowledge of the local government space and a real passion for delivering transformative work in collaborative ways. Government is often criticized for being behind the times when it comes to offering digital solutions. At Kofile, we imagine a future where government can set the standards, not play catch-up to them.”

About Kofile

Kofile transforms the way people experience local government, with market-leading services and digital solutions that modernize operations and improve citizen access and engagement. As the foremost expert in document preservation, digitization, and indexing, Kofile makes government records accessible, with 225+ million documents digitally stored and secured via the Kofile Cloud. Kofile’s digital solutions are also cloud-enabled, delivering secure, reliable and scalable access to information and services through a comprehensive suite of applications for searching and requesting records, recording and e-filing, permitting and licensing, and workforce and vendor management. Kofile is partner to over 3,000 local governments, with headquarters in Dallas, Texas and strategically located laboratories in six other US locations. For more information, please visit

About SeamlessDocs

The leading provider of online government services, SeamlessDocs is the fastest and easiest way for governments to go digital. The SeamlessDocs platform allows agencies to create online forms, accept eSignatures, process payments, trigger workflows and manage submission data, enabling IT and administration to make their government processes beautiful. Founded in 2012, SeamlessDocs works with more than 400 municipal departments across the United States, as well as Canada and The Caribbean. For more information go to