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Smarking saves the Miami Parking Authority $750,000

Smarking is repairing the connective tissue of society by optimizing parking assets and driving new revenue which, in turn, funds transformational transportation initiatives like bikesharing, carpooling and door-to-door shuttles.

In 2015 the Miami Parking Authority (MPA) launched a program to remove on-street parking meters and encourage mobile parking payments. They partnered with Smarking to work toward their goal of reducing cost, increasing efficiency, maintaining consistent revenue and ensuring parkers have convenient payment options. Since the program launch, Smarking has helped MPA achieve this goal by removing 25 percent of all meters, driving occupancy up to 99 percent, growing mobile payment revenue by 11 percent and saving the MPA $750,000 in collector salary, collector gas and equipment maintenance.

Before starting the removal process, Smarking’s real-time data and analytics enabled the MPA team to estimate the impact of meter removal in each diverse neighborhood. As each Miami neighborhood is unique and parker payment preferences vary, the MPA was able to use Smarking analytics to assess the optimal extent and pace of meter removal by neighborhood. This eliminated the traditional expensive and time consuming process of completing parker surveys to gather and assess data.

“Smarking provided a unique view into parking payment behaviors, allowing us to strategically manage payment channels across different neighborhoods,” said Alejandro Argudin, Chief Operations Officer, Miami Parking Authority. “As a result, we are providing better parking experiences to the residents, merchants and visitors at lower equipment installation and operational costs.”

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