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Turning Frustration Into Fantastic

CEO Jonathon Ende never imagined he would be building a govtech startup until a late night phone call changed everything.

Startup entrepreneurs never can tell where inspiration for their next big idea comes from.

Prior to starting SeamlessDocs, CEO Jonathon Ende had a 65 person outsourced paralegal processing center and was infuriated dealing with the inefficiencies of paper.  A typical government form took 4 people, 74 sheets of paper, 1 industrial strength printer, 2 eFax numbers, 6 phone calls, 5 revisions, and 6 weeks (at best) just to get submitted to the government. And thats where the “fun” part started…

Read about how SeamlessDocs CEO, Jonathon Ende, realized there was a massive opportunity to make the dreaded government PDF go away and started down his path Coding for America.