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AmigoCloud enables City of Vallejo to collect a GIS inventory of 17,000+ signs in less than 10 weeks

AmigoCloud is repairing the connective tissue of society by enabling the collection of critical geographic data that informs government decision makers about how to best prioritize, allocate, coordinate and deliver a society’s common purpose at scale.

The growing City of Vallejo, located in the beating heart of the Bay Area, jumped on the trend of adopting cloud-based solutions to meet their unique geographic information system (GIS) demands. After adopting AmigoCloud to inventory sign types and locations, a GIS inventory of more than 17,000 signs was collected in less than 10 weeks.

City officials were challenged with inventorying sign type and locations, which required constant communication and a lot of organization between offices and out in the field. They needed a collaborative, timely, economical solution which could easily be integrated and ultimately turned to AmigoCloud and its partner, Open Spatial, to perform field data collection using AmigoCloud’s mobile application – AmigoCollect. AmigoCollect provided an easy-to-use mobile application to collect field data, and a cloud-based GIS platform to analyze and simultaneously import it into Open Spatial’s database for further GIS management. The collaboration between AmigoCloud and Open Spatial cloud software streamlined the process without the need for any installed desktop software.

Thanks to this partnership and integration of AmigoCloud’s software, the City of Vallejo could better locate which signs were in critical need of maintenance and develop an effective management plan to issue replacements. This software has set them up for success with a fully operational sign maintenance management program that has eliminated the guess work entirely.