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Seneca Systems Drives 20% Weekly Time Savings In Chicago’s 46th Ward

Seneca Systems is repairing the connective tissue of society by increasing confidence in government through more responsive communications with citizens, ensuring that issues are actually heard, routed to the correct official, tracked and ultimately resolved.

Chicago Ward’s Chief of Staff Tressa Feher credits Seneca Systems for saving 20 percent of her time during the week, while her team saves an estimated 20 hours per week when doing administrative work.

Seneca Systems’ constituent services platform, Romulus, centralizes constituent communications (eg. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, text messaging, phone calls…), organizes service request management, and provides insights into constituent behaviors and preferences. In doing so, it enables cities to better understand their performance and analyze work performed.

The govtech startup, which recently announced $3.5 million in seed funding, already works with more than 40 cities to manage their day-to-day constituent work, using it in City Manager Offices, Departments of Public Works, City Councils, Parks and Recreation, Mayoral offices, Police Departments, and more.